Asguard Solutions (Pty)Ltd is a B-BBEE Level Two enterprise established by individuals
with vast experience and knowledge in the safety and security industry.
Asguard Solutions set itself out to be
the leading safety and security service provider in the industrial,
commercial and residential arena.
Asguard Solutions (Pty)Ltd is registered with PSIRA and SAIDSA,
the governing and regulatory bodies
of the security industry in South Africa. In addition,
Asguard Solutions is accredited with S.A.Q.C.C. in terms of Fire detection and Gas suppression.


Asguard Solutions mission is to:

   Provide high quality, affordable security solutions;
Cultivate long-term relationships with clients;

Adapt to the changing requirements of clients;
Ensure complete client satisfaction;
Continuous service improvements;
Establish and maintain professional relationships with all employees
to ensure
aprominent levelof performance.


Our vision is to ensure comprehensive safety and security services to our clients,
providing peace of
mind and a secure environment in which to operate their businessesand residences.


To providetailoredsafety and security to all our clients their assets, employees and families.


At Asguard Solutions we have high regardsto values and expect these values in every member of our team.
These values include honesty, integrity, reliability, temperance, faith, charity and hope.
believe these values separate us from the general services providers and

allows our team members to provide high quality, professional and efficient services.


Our management team consists of passionate specialists within their respective fields of operation, which includes Law, Law Enforcement, Management, Finance, Human Resources, Technical, Training, Investigations,Safety and Security.


Within every department there are dedicated supervisors ensuring smoothand efficientoperations at every securityand installation site. These individuals are well trained in operational, supervisory and problem-solvingskills.


24-Hour Armed Response
24-Hour Guarding Services
Security installations and maintenance
Fire detection and Gas suppression
Maintenance and repairs
Investigation services
Criminal checks
Special event security
Direct sales
Polygraph assessment and testing
And many more

Security Installations and maintenance

Asguard provides industrial, commercial and residential installations of varioussafety andsecurity solutions.
Our installation technicians are well train
ed in their specialized field.Asguard employsa continuous training and
development strategy
to ensure thatour technicians are up to date with the latest developments in this
technical and complex arena.

Our technicians are accredited and trained by market leading product providers for the following products:

CCTV surveillance and solutions
Smoke detection
Access control systems
Alarm systems
Perimeter security
Boom gates
Corporate security integrations
Pepper spray alarm systems
Smoke and cloak systems
Gate / garage automation
Electric fencing

Notwithstanding the above, Asguard Solutions is accredited to issue a Certificate of Compliance

on all Alarm and CCTV installations. This however is subject to the stringent SAIDSA bylaws.
certificates might be required by your insurers from time to time.

24 Hour Armed Response Service

Asguard provides a 24-Hour armed response service to the community in the Edenvale and surrounding areas.
Asguard firstly strives to protect the lives of the community members in our area of operations. At Asguard we have
cognisance for the fact that our very existence depe
nds on the livelihood of our clients and our community.
Therefore, we provide a peace of mind service to all our
clients, protecting their hard-earned belongings and property.
All our clients are linked to a 24-hour control room situated in the centre of our core business area.
Our control room are easily accessible to all our clients. We employ the most recent technology to ensure
that our operations continue to run as smooth as humanly possible.

24-Hour Guarding Service

Asguard’s guarding division renderssecure peace of mind guarding solutions to the industrial, commercial,
and residential arenas. Asguard only employs the services of qualified,PSIRA registered guards.
These individuals undergo
our stringent interview, assessment and background check process before being
considered for
employment. In addition, regular checks are conducted on all employees to ensure continuous
compliance with legislative requirements and our values. Industrial, commercial and residential security poses
unique risks for
many companies, hospitals, retirement homes and individuals which may require special interventions
due to the nature of the
business or environment. Therefore, Asguard requires an on-site assessment and
orientation before
deploying a guard to a specific industrial, commercial or residential site.
This allows Asguard to ensure
that the client’s needs are addressed.

Fire detection and Gas suppression

Asguard Solutionstechnicians are well trained accredited by the S.A.Q.C.C. as Fire detection and
suppression commissioners. This accreditation is reviewed and renewed annually to ensure
compliance with the regulations as published from time to time.This entails that any fire detection
and gas suppression system installed or maintained by Asguard will
comply with all the requirements and regulations
in terms of the health and safety legislation.

Maintenance and repairs

Asguard Solutions provides a continues maintenance and repair serviceto our clients and the general public at large. This service ensures that our client’sequipment are operational to mitigate all the risk factors as far as possible.

Investigation services

At Asguard our private investigators are ex-detectives from the South African Police Services with years of experience in every field. Ourinvestigators conduct investigations into criminal, civil, fraud and matrimonial matters
Asguard is accredited and employ the services of independent contractorsto conductbackground,
criminaland clearance checks. This eliminates any bias which may occur during checksor investigations

Special event security

Asguard provides special event security to various clients and dignitaries. The servicesprovided are tailored to the
specific needs of the client and may include the following,just to name a few:
Special guarding services at functions
VIP Protection
VIP escorts
Armoured vehicle transportation
Asset transportation and safeguarding
Cash management solutions
Banking solutions (cash deposits etc)
Tactical assistance or response teams

Training services

Asguard provides accreditedtraining to its clients, employees, security industry and other various individuals.
The training consists of the following:
Basic firearm training
Intermediate firearm training
Advanced firearm training
Tactical firearm training
Firearm skills training
Regulation 21 annual business competency requirements
Firearm application motivational letters

Direct sales

Asguard provides a direct sales channel to members of the public, installers and other industry players.
Asguard is accredited by various product providers as a distribution agent. Where there is no distribution facility with
a specific product provider, we entered into an acceptable pricing structure
with that provider.
Within the near future a more accessibleand user-friendlywalk-in shop willcater for direct sales.


Many more

Asguard caters for a wide variety of solutions which are driven by the needs identified by our clients.
Every client’s need isspecific to itsrequirements whichmore likely than not requirestailor-madesolutions.
We are highly regarded in the industry for our ability
and flexibilityto develop tailor made solutions for our clients.



If you are looking for a comprehensive solution for your business or residenceranging from safety, security,
TV surveillance, guarding, investigations, asset movement or training, Asguard will provide you with a
customised solution that will
meetyour requirements. Our solutions are developed from the latest products with
aftersales support
to ensure longevity ofyour solution.







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