Asguard provides industrial, commercial and residential installations of various safety and security solutions. Our installation technicians are well trained in their specialized field. Asguard employs a continuous trai

    Asguard Solutions’ technicians are accredited by S.A.Q.C.C. as Fire detection and Gas suppression commissioners. This accreditation is reviewed and renewed annually to ensure compliance with the regulations as published fro

    The continuous maintenance and repairs conducted by Asguard is in accordance with regulations and specifications as stipulated by the various governing bodies. body { background:#ffffff }

  Asguard’s guarding division renders secure peace of mind guarding solutions to the industrial, commercial, and residential arena’s. Asguard only employs the services of qualified and PSIRA registered guards. These individuals u

    At Asguard our private investigators are ex-detectives from the South African Police Services with years of experience in every field. Our investigators conduct investigations into criminal, civil, fraud and matrimonial matters.

    Asguard provides special event security to various clients and dignitaries. The services provided are tailored to the specific needs of the client and may include the following, just to name a few: • Special guarding ser

    Asguard provides accredited training to its clients, employees, security industry and other various individuals. The training consists of the following: • Basic firearm training • Intermediate firearm training &bul

  Asguard provides a direct sales channel to members of the public, installers and other industry players. Asguard is accredited by various product providers as a distribution agent. Where there is no distribution facility with a specific p

      Asguard caters for a wide variety of solutions which are driven by the needs identified by our clients. Every client’s need is specific to its requirements which more likely than not requires tailor-made solutions
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